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TraceTek Applications

Leak detection equipment falls generally into two divisions - Commercial Buildings and Industrial/Environmental. Though their technologies are broadly similar, their applications are more specific to the industry in which they are utilised.

Click to enlargeCommercial Buildings Leak Detection Technologies
Water is everywhere in a commercial building, and that’s fine, as long as it stays where it belongs, in the heating, cooling, air-conditioning, vending, surface water, sewerage and plumbing systems!

Whether your concern is raised floor computer facilities, control rooms, operating theatres, telecommunications equipment, archival storage or a trading room, we have market-leading technologies and configurations to fit your needs.

With a TraceTek system you can detect an unseen leak and locate it to the nearest foot or metre with better than 0.1% precision.

TraceTek cabling incorporates:

Industrial / Environmental Leak Detection Technologies
If your business involves the transportation, storage, processing or consumption of hazardous fluids, the possibility of a leak or spill has to be considered.

Whether your concern is gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, crude oil, acids, bases, contaminated water or any other hazardous liquid, we can provide a leak detection system tailored to your needs.

With a TraceTek system you can detect a leak while contaminated soil is still measured in a few cubic metres rather than truckloads.

TraceTek cabling incorporates:







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